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It is well known that many small- to medium-sized companies don’t have enough time nor resources to properly manage HR and HR projects in an efficient way.

Outsourcing your HR management services means you can save costs, energy, and time, without the crushing expenses of an internal department. SoRH is the solution to effective and affordable HR Management services!

We will help you define, manage, and optimise the best-paid packages for your staff! This includes:

• Compensation & benefits
• Car fleet
• GSM – mobile fleet
• Insurance
• Social Security and taxes
• And more!

We help you train, motivate, and nurture your team of winners. This includes:

• Events & team building
• Knowledge transfer
• Performance & evaluation
• Training
• And more!

We will help you organise your company with clear policies, contracts, and procedures, implementing them efficiently. This includes:

• Audit / legal matters
• KPI & HR strategy
• File management
• Internal communication
• Policies & procedures
• Work medicine & wellbeing
• Tasks analysis and repartition
• Exit procedures
• Onboarding

Do you need an extra hand for your HR team to tackle specific projects? We can help! This includes:

• Expat help & coordination
• Internal projects
• Negotiations & conflict
• Specialised summer help resolution
• General support for your HR team
• And more !

We help you manage the daily tasks of people management. This includes:

• Absence management
• Payroll full management
• Contact with social secretariat
• And more !

We enable you to recruit your next talented team member! This includes:

• Job Description
• Searching
• Negotiations
• And more !

About SoRH

Hubertine P. Soares is the founder and central driver of this highly specialised and extremely effective HR consulting company. Started in 2016, SoRH is the result of years of experience and an abundance of passion for making people happy at their workplace, but also to participate to the success of different companies!

These days, attracting and retaining talented people can make your business. It’s all about the knowledge economy and constant innovation which means you need people who can think, persevere, and create. HR is the crucial cog in getting and keeping that kind of talent, and for small- to medium-sized businesses, the most effective HR strategy is outsourcing these functions to a third-party expert with a limited cost.

When SoRH works with you, we consider your business our own, and you will see this in everything we do. Put the right people back in your organisation with the proper structures and effective HR procedures that make them feel safe and appreciated!

Our mission

Employees are the company’s backbone, so it’s very important to understand that enabling them to focus on their work keeps them productive. SoRH developed a consultancy scheme that helps you reach that goal by enhancing your HR management. We offer customised punctual and recurrent services for your HR management.

Our values

Hubertine Soares,

CEO & Founder

« With a range of professional and custom-made services, our central goal is to help employers attract and keep the kind of people who can help their businesses grow and innovate. As a small- to medium-sized business, there isn’t much room for error. By outsourcing all, or some of, your HR functions, you can seriously save costs and get the experts who know how to draw game-changing talent.


Not only will we help maintaining the wellbeing of your employees, but we will also bring our expertise to help them develop their strengths for fast and sustainable growth! »

What they say about us

Thanks for the “extra-mileage”, much appreciated! I could also have a real business support, thanks for your help in this success story!


We started at 1 day then very quickly we understood that we needed much more !


I don’t know what we could have done without you ! 


Thanks for the great work and help, without you we couldn’t make it!


Thanks for the pleasant collaboration!


We appreciate your professionalism and flexibility even after !


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